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Princeton Community Family Learning Center

            16 All Saints' Road, Princeton, NJ 08540


12-Month Ongoing Program

"The Cub School" 

An Official 


Montessori Society 

Learning Center

PCFLC Registration Process

The following forms are required for PCFLC registration. The forms marked with an asterisk are those required by the State of NJ, Office of Licensing, Department of Children and Families, and their completion/review is mandatory before a child can begin in any NJ child care/preschool program. If you'd like to receive a hard copy of this packet in the mail, please notify us and we will send it to you promptly. 

Cub School Registration Packet

(Everything you need for enrollment):

DOWNLOAD HERE (Does not include Immunization Report, which is also needed, but can be provided up to two weeks after child begins attending program and does not require a form. Your child's pediatrician will provide this report upon request)

Forms Downloadable Individually:

Cover Letter For Forms - Download this First (Optional, but will help you organize your forms)

Changing My Child's Schedule (Download as needed in the event of schedule change)

Authorization to Photograph & Video* (Req'd)

Health Care Provider's Name & Contact Info* (Req'd)

Policy on the Management of Communicable Diseases*(For your reference, print if you choose)

Medical Emergency Authorization* (Req'd)

Universal Child Health Record*(Your child's pediatrician will most likely already have this form at their office if you forget to bring them a copy)

Expulsion Policy*(For your reference, print if you choose)

Expulsion Policy Signature Page* (Req'd)

Family Registration Form*(Req'd)

Info to Parents Doc*(For your reference, print if you choose)

Info to Parents Signature Page*(Req'd)

Americans With Disabilities Act*(We will provide you a copy for your reference)

Potty Training Policy*(Req'd)

Blanket Walking Field Trip Consent*(Req'd)

Tuition Rate Agreement*(Req'd) - Please fill in requested schedule, start date & anticipated rate (leave blank if unknown). Director will complete the agreement & give you a copy.

Keep Me Home If... (For your reference, as needed)

Letter from Princeton Health Dept. Regarding Influenza Vaccine for Preschoolers

Permission to Use Sunscreen Form Sunsreen products can be absorbed by the skin and the result of these chemicals on the body has not been widely studied. We ask that parents please supply permission to use sunscreen AND provide the product for their child, or provide an alternative means of protecting your

child from the sun.

Thanksgiving Break Exposure Disclosure - Required for Return


Form Requesting Credit

Weekly Reservation Form