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Princeton Community Family Learning Center

            16 All Saints' Road, Princeton, NJ 08540


Ages 18 Months to 6 Years

12-Month Ongoing Program

"The Cub School"


Q. When does the next term start? 

A. As long as there's space, enrollment is ongoing. There's no need to wait for a start date.

Q. My child is ready for preschool, except for one thing. They're just not yet potty-trained. Is that a problem?

A. No. PCFLC accepts children still in diapers/Pull Ups. We are glad to help out with potty-training! We do ask that you provide your child's Pull Ups.

Q. Do I pay for absences on my weekly invoice when my child is not there? 

A. No, but we do have a limit on absences before your child is reduced to Drop-In status. We will accept no greater than 2 unbilled, unscheduled absences in a month for full-time children (or 15 total in a year), and no greater than 1 unbilled, unscheduled absence in a month for part-time children (or 5 total in a year).

After either the monthly or yearly limits are exceeded, we must either charge for the excessive absenteeism or reduce your child to Drop-In status which means he may attend only when the availability exists on a day-by-day basis. You will be notified by email.

Absenteeism accompanied by a doctor's note is never billed, nor is absenteeism due to your family participation in religious holidays of all faiths. Additionally, you are not responsible for days we are closed due to inclement weather.

Q. My family will be traveling abroad for a month. Do I have to pay for this time that my child will be away?

A. No, as long as we are provided with two weeks' advance notice, you will not be charged and your child's spot will be held for your return.

Q. I'd like to use your Drop-In Service. How do I do that?

A. A meeting must be arranged to meet the child, understand the family's needs and provide necessary paperwork for completion. If PCFLC is able to accomodate you, the Drop-In Service begins just as soon as your child's paperwork is submitted in its entirety.

Q. How does being on a monthly invoice differ from a weekly invoice?

A. Families on a monthly invoice are given a built-in discount for their participation in a contract comprised of enrollment for the year. The monthly rate is less than the sum of what would otherwise be charged on weekly invoices. Families on a monthly invoice are expected to pay the same rate monthly with exceptions three times a year should they decide to keep their child(ren) home: PRS Winter Break, PRS Spring Break, and 2 floating weeks in summer for a Family Holiday (but we still need two weeks' notice). Additionally, sick days that exceed 3 consecutively and are accompanied by a doctor's note are subject to credit.

Q. I noticed you accept children up to age 6. What is the curriculum for children who, in some instances, would already be in kindergarten had their birthdays come a little earlier? 

A. We do not turn children away from a kindergarten curriculum based on "not making the cut-off date." At the advice of Mom and Dad, PCFLC is more than willing to provide kindergarten-level instruction to a child who traditionally does not qualify based on age.

Children working toward completing their kindergarten year with PCFLC are required to be enrolled full-time. It is at the discretion of PCFLC to determine if your child is ready for kindergarten work, and in the event that they are, PCFLC mirrors Princeton Regional School's kindergarten curriculum for a smooth transition to 1st grade. In many instances, once a child completes a private kindergarten program such as that offered by PCFLC, "cut-off dates" are no longer applicable and entry into 1st grade is granted.